杨明洁,设计师、收藏家、YANG DESIGN创始人、同济大学客座教授。在浙大与中国美院完成七年学业后,获德国WK基金会全额奖学金赴德留学,获工业设计硕士后,任职于慕尼黑西门子设计总部。囊获了包括德国红点、iF、日本G-mark、美国IDEA、亚洲最具影响力设计银奖在内的近百项设计大奖,被权威媒体评价为中国最具影响力设计师。

2005年创办YANG DESIGN,成为中国最具前瞻思维的设计顾问公司之一。2013年投资创办中国首家私人工业设计博物馆。2015年创办生活方式品牌“羊舍”,致力于中国传统工艺的再思考与再设计。


Jamy Yang, famous industrial designer, the collector, the founder of Yang DESIGN and guest professor of TongJi University. Jamy has received master degree of industrial design from Germany with full scholarship of WK Foundation after 7-year study in Zhejiang University and China Academy of Art. He went on to design products for Siemens at their headquarters in Munich. It is his fusion of craftsmanship and innovation that has made Jamy one have achieved international recognition, winning about 100 local and international design awards including Red Dots,iF, G-mark,IDEA and DFA Silver.

On returning to China in 2005, he founded YANG DESIGN which has been developed to leading design consultancy with forward-thinking based on local insights in China. In the year 2013, Jamy invested and founded YANG DESIGN MUSEUM which becomes China’s first private industrial design museum. In 2015, Jamy Yang starts his new product collection Yang House as sub-brand, to contribute in redesigning and rethinking Chinese traditional craftsmanship.

With a good combination of German logical aesthetic and Chinese humanistic thinking, Jamy has formed his own design philosophy and become good partner with renowned global brands including Boeing, Audi, BMW, Philips, BOSCH, Infiniti as well as Coco Cola etc. He has good pieces come out as diverse as glasses,suitcase, airplane cabin, consumer electronics, public transportation, tea and wine set, home furniture and space design. For these years, a serious of pubic benefit programs cooperated by Jamy and non-profit organizations, such as Green Peace, One Foundation and Animal protection fund in Asia, have shown his social responsibility as a designer.

“Whether design can change the society?” is the question which he has always been thinking and acting out.
2014年,杨明洁工业设计博物馆入选英国 SURFACE DESIGN AWARDS 设计大奖。
YANG DESIGN MUSEUM is housed in a former power station of cotton mill upwards to 5000 square meters with nearly a hundred year history in the Redtown Art and Design Center (ADC) of Shanghai. It is made up of three main areas covering past design, contemporary design and future design.
YANG DESIGN MUSEUM exhibits the founder’s extensive collection of classic design objects from industrial revolution in UK till now, hundreds pieces of contemporary good products recognized by top four international design awards including Red Dot, IF, G-Mark and IDEA. It has been clued to induce visitors to think about people’s lifestyle, historical humanities and aesthetics in different area and age or from different culture and ethnic group. It keeps exploring advanced thinking of future design trends and methodologies with professional lab working on innovative materials application on CMF (Color, Material, Finishing), color trends forecasting, user study and public and service design.
In the year 2014, YANG DESIGN MUSEUM was nominated by British SURFACE DESIGN AWARDS.
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